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Using technology described by Leonardo Da Vinci in the 15th century in "Rule of Trees". in the early 1700's, Hales tested the effect, one of which was to inject camphor into trees. He could smell the the camphor when it reached the buds.

Refined and perfected in Italy by Lucio Montecchio Associate Professor at UniPD, inventor of “BITE®” at De Rebus Plantarum and the University of Padova.

Currently the emphasis is placed on creating smaller diameter and shallower holes. In addition, very little pressure if any is used, another Italian Giovanni Battista Venturi in the time as Da Vinci , an Italian physicist, described the effects of the Venturi Effect .

An injectable solution remedy for trees.

Organic, biodegradable, inoculation through endermology.

Using nature to help fight tree disease.

Does not add toxic chemicals to the groundwater.

This is a biomodulator and stimulant to treat pests from nature.

Needs to be protected from light as it undergoes photodegradation. 

Arbour Solutions Arbour Solutions